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"Boost the growth of your business with our unsecured financing"

a man in a suit and tie with a tie
a man in a suit and tie with a tie


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At GMC BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, we specialize in providing working capital to small and large Hispanic businesses. Our goal is to help our clients take their businesses to new levels through quality services, fast and effective responses, and offering financial alternatives tailored to their needs.

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a person in a suit sitting in a chair
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shallow focus photo of woman in gray jacket

We have a specialized and committed team that will provide you with excellent service and advice. We are here to work closely with each client, guiding them through the entire financing process and answering any concerns they may have. In addition, we offer cash advance as an alternative form of capital, providing the Hispanic community with flexible and accessible options.


How much does the process take to apply?

Instead of charging an upfront fee, we've designed our process so that you're only charged a fee if your business is successfully funded. This fee is calculated based on the amount of funding obtained and is deducted directly from the funds received. This way, you can be sure that you'll only pay for our services if you actually get the financing you need.

  1. What documents are required to apply?

    Applying for our financing is quick and easy! You only need to meet two simple requirements: Three Last Bank Statements: Provide the last three bank statements in the name of your business. This will help us evaluate your financial history and determine eligibility for our financing.

    2- Fill out the Pre-Qualification Form: Fill out our pre-qualification form, which you can find on our website. This form will provide us with basic information about your business and financial needs.

What interest rate do you manage?

At our company, we're transforming the way businesses access financing. We do not work with interest as such, that is, we work with a fixed cost of capital, that is, for the amount financed you will pay a difference in a certain time.


"We finance you regardless of your credit"

¿Tired of being turned down by traditional banks because of your credit score? Worry no more! We are here to change the rules of the game.

Unlike traditional banks that require a credit score of more than 600 points, we believe in giving opportunities to everyone. No matter what your credit situation is, we finance you no questions asked.

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woman in white shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on car seat
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woman in brown tank top sitting by the table

¿Why limit yourself to the restrictions of banks when you can get the financing you need with us? Make your credit history a barrier and reach your financial goals with us

APPLY now and find out how we can help you reach your financial goals regardless of your credit history!


”Amazing experience! I needed financing to expand my business, but my credit history was an obstacle. Thanks to GMC BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, I was able to get the financing I needed regardless of my credit. Now my business is growing like never before!”

- Francisco Hernandez

”I took out commercial financing with GMC BUSINES SOLUTIONS and I couldn't be more satisfied. The process was quick and hassle-free, and best of all, I didn't have to worry about my credit score. Thanks to your help, my business is on its way to success”

- Jose Medeles

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